Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lovely morning. And the day's only half gone.

I love the day the clocks turn back. I deliberately try to forget about it, so I get up at my usual time and get surprised by the extra hour. It didn't work today, but I still got up in time to gather six garbage bags of books, household stuff, yarn - yes, the guilt of the unfinished projects was getting to me - and drag them to Value Village. I love getting rid of stuff. Since P and I moved in together, almost two years ago now, I reckon we've gotten rid of about 60% of our possessions. We still have too much, though.

And then I went running in Discovery Park. It's just so beautiful: you'd think sometimes you'd ended up in Neah Bay, out on the Olympic Peninsula. Sunday mornings it's full of happy dogs and quiet couples. The leaves are still rich and gold, the air was crisp, and it was a fantastic day to be running the trails. I'm going to try to make it out there every weekend: not only is it a wonderful place to visit, and a great change from the neighborhood streets, but the softer trails and the frequent hills can only be good for training.


Anonymous said...

stop it!! I miss running. I love running in the fall..

Scott in Washington said...

And we both love that park, but coming from differnt paths. I have to agree that running in the brisk fall absolutely rocks.

We'll see you where its flat and arid, or maybe up here in the PNW.

Unknown said...

glad to hear you're back out on the trails!