Saturday, October 22, 2005

A perfect autumn day in Seattle

I've been the worst blogger ever. Haven't been updating, haven't been reading, still owe the wonderful Scott a mail about Vegas, feel totally out of it. Wanna catch up soon. Life with the new job has been pretty much work and sleep. I rarely leave work before 10 these days, and I'm back in before 9. I'm hoping it won't last long - I'm getting extra help - but let me tell ya, it's not helping the training schedule any. Progress back to pre-injury levels is painfully slow and I'm not getting in all the time I want.

But today I did a four-mile run (with, ahem, a bit of walking) along my beloved Burke-Gilman trail to Gasworks Park. Have you ever been? It's perhaps my favorite park anywhere, ever. Hulking rusted gasworks loom against little hills and sparking water, and the Seattle skyline. It's the perfect example of how industrial scenery, and things that were never, ever meant to be beautiful, can break your heart. Today, the little store by the water fountain was closed for the winter, but the sun was shining, kites were flying, and the lads were riding unicycles along the winding paths. And even in October, there were still a few blackberries on the bushes.

In other news, we sent got our save-the-date cards and sent them out into the world:


Lara said...

What an interesting looking place - and what a beautiful blue sky!

Glad to hear you're able to get some running in. That's gotta feel good!

Scott in Washington said...

Gasworks park is one of the many scenes that instantly spells Seattle for me when I see it in movies - like the cement golum guy with his hand holding a real VW bug that is built under and overpass. Have you seen that? Seattle is probably my favorite city for visual appeal. I'm just afraid that lately they've been trying to one-up themselves architechurally too frequently and are in danger of going from the Land of Oz to just being The Whiz.

On working too much; Like the coffee cup says, "Breathe." I hope that works out for you soon.


Anonymous said...

I have been there! In college we used to row around gasworks. It is beautiful. And Autumn in the Northwest is one of my favorites.

Hope things are going well. Hang inthere!

Tricia said...

I love the Save the Date cards!

My office just moved to GasWorks; we're in the building above the Urban Surf shop. We have a shower in the office, so I'm going to try to get some good runs in from here.

Saturday was the perfect autumn day.