Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No longer the loneliest girl in the world ...

So there's a few of us who hook up semi-regularly for Stitch and Bitch sessions in each other's houses (though lately there hasn't even been a pretence of knitting - really only a couple of us are interested in it). Last week I sent out a mail inviting people round, since it had been a while. Nothing! By yesterday evening I still hadn't heard anything. I sent a reminder mail asking if I should reschedule. Nothing! I called Phil and bleakly told him: Remember I said I was having the girls round tonight? Well looks like they can't make it. How had I pissed off all of them? I was in full stress mode. But you know? Life is lovely. I got home around eight and Maggie Tai and Charlene were standing outside, Kris and Masha were on the way, and all is well in the world - though not, apparently, with Outlook, which appears to have thrashed their original and follow-up replies.

My friends don't hate me!

Nice run this morning - back home along Fairview Avenue for some fantasy houseboat shopping.

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