Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weighty matters

Distance: Um, I'm guessing about 3 miles, maybe a little more
Time: Around 30-35 minutes. I need a watch.
Feeling: Good! Except that I tripped and my hands and shoulder HURT.

So I've been thinking a little about weight (actually, I think about weight pretty much ALL the time, except for when I am thinking about my next meal).

According to
Runner's Diary, a woman of my height (5'9 - though I swear I used to be 5'10) should weigh about 125 lb, and her ideal competition weight would be 10 pounds less. Now I know that the competition weight refers to more competitive runners, but still ... I'm 150, the biggest I've ever been (and man, I hate it), and surely it would be easier for me if I was not humping an extra 30 pounds on my daily runs.

So: I am adding to my goals a target weight of 125 lb by November at the latest. That's enough time for a slow reduction, as I start running longer and longer.

The problem I have with losing weight is: I'm greedy. I don't think I eat out of boredom or depression, or for comfort. I hardly ever eat between meals, and I don't really eat junk. Here's my issue: when something tastes good, I can't resist eating more and more and more. As long as it tastes good, I'll carry on eating it. I'm not huge right now, but I'm not where I want to be; none of my favorite clothes fit me. My boss, who has been through a l ifestyle and health program, says that I fall into the "greedy sensualist" group (she has seen me in action at an Indian buffet). This has got to be my focus: STOP EATING JUST BEFORE YOU FEEL FULL. Just stop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Riona,

Welcome to the runnergirl ring! I did my first marathon in the fall (Marine Corps in DC) and I'm getting ready to start training for my second. It's addictive. Good luck in all of your training!