Sunday, April 10, 2005

Today I blew my nose on the ground ...

... and it was good.

I never, ever, thought I'd do that, but slogging up that long slow Madison hill takes it out of you.

Goal: 4. Ran: 4-ish, I guess, from Madison Park to Eastlake via Portage Bay. Felt fine, but I really, really need to work on those hills.

Today's route: Phil and I needed to bring some stuff to Value Village, so afterwards he drove me down to the water end of Madison Park and I ran home. I got lost a couple of times, which is pretty inexplicable given that my commute follows most of the same route. Discoveries: The Arboretum is a lovely place to run, full of trails. I Resolve to explore these more and get off the road. I also Resolve to get to the Japanese Gardens before the cherry blossoms disappear.

The routes I've been taken have really been opening my eyes to just how much wealth there is in Seattle. My daily grind doesn't take me down these tree-lined streets with their big, architect-designed or beautifully restored houses. Around the lake, the number of yachts is astonishing.

Tomorrow: I have to work out my actual training plan. I need something measurable.

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