Saturday, June 25, 2005

Great run

DISCLAIMER: Three times Blogger deleted this text after I tried to format it.

So today was my longest run yet - eight miles - and I'm still high and intolerably chirpy from the endorphin rush.

My runs have been getting longer, and the weather hotter, so I've been thinking about hydration.

A while ago
Jeff gave me some great advice about water bottles. Yesterday I took his advice and headed off to Road Runner Sports to pick up a Fuel Belt.

Initially I didn't think much of it - I thought it looked dorky and very occasionally my elbows would bump against it - but around mile 7 I took a cool drink, picked up my pace, and sent silent thanks to Jeff for the tip.

Besides, I'm dorky anyway.


Sarah said...

Nice job on the distance! I was admiring the fuel belts on a lot of people at the half-marathon...looks dorky, but seems practical :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the eight miles! That's awesome.

I've been leaning toward an Amphipod, so I'll be very interested in hearing how the Fuel Belt works for you.

Anonymous said...

the fuel belts are great, I have one, and can't do a long run without it. I especially like all the bottles, so you can have water, and gatorade and whatever else you like.

Unknown said...

one of the big benefits over the other bottle systems is being able to carry water, sports drink, etc on the same belt.

also, the belt has a bit of elasticity to it, where most other belts are static. it gives you a better fit and makes it less likely to cause chaffing.

glad to hear that it's working for you. keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Eight miles, great job! I've just gotten up to five miles, myself!

I've got a different model from those Fuel Belt folks, the kind that has a single bottle in back and has little pockets for your crap (keys, phone, bit of cash + Metrocard). I love it. I hadn't thought of the advantage of having different drinks in the different bottles on longer runs, though. Hmmm.