Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weak with greed and consumer envy. Weak!

Over the last couple years, I've made a real effort to live a little more simply. It hasn't been entirely successful, but there've been a lot of improvements: I no longer go in much for recreational shopping, and P (much more disciplined than me) and I managed to get rid of vast amounts of our possessions - I estimate 60-70% - since we moved in together. "I am what I do, I am not what I own," I tell myself when I see a pretty dress I know I'll wear twice. And it's beginning to feel a lot more true than it used to. (Extravagance - blowing your budget on a wonderful meal you'll remember forever - can be wonderful, but waste drives me demented.)

So you'd think I'd embrace the simplicity of running. A good pair of shoes, maybe some non-cotton socks, and off you go.


Oh, I covet. Sleek running clothes from
Sugoi. The funkier workout clothes of Athleta, a change from the sunburnt soccer moms of Title 9. I don't regret for a moment getting my Garmin Forerunner, and use it everyday, but the iPod never comes running with me any more and languishes in its sports strap in a drawer. Now that summer's here, and I'm running for longer than an hour at weekends, I need a water bottle to carry with me, and the choice out there has me paralyzed. What's the best one for me?

Oh but god, these have me transfixed:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Oakley Thump. That's 128 or 256 MB (up to 8 hours) of music right in your ears, right in your sunglasses.

I'd kill everyone in this room for the Oakley Thump.


Unknown said...

i highly recommend the fuel belt over any of the traditional 'bottle' belts. the bottles are 7oz each, for a total of 28oz on a belt. since they're distributed around the belt, you don't notice the weight at all. there's a small pouch in the back that can easily hold 5 gu's as well.

it doesn't bounce like the traditional belts either. i haven't tried the camelbak bladders on a waist belt, but i'd think the mass of water in one spot would slosh. i know the backpack versions chafe on long runs.

for runs where i need more than just 28oz, i'll usually drop a bottle somewhere along the course to fill back up with, or even bring my own drink mix and mix in a drinking fountain along the run.

hope that helps some!

oh, one other thing, we just announced the rbf fest. you'll at least have cheering and crew support in vegas, if not a running partner.

Riona said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and advice! I had total option fatigue: faced with too many choices, I can't make any. Cheers, Jeff! See you in Vegas!