Saturday, June 04, 2005

Seattle Race for the Cure - check

I'm full of the Portage Bay Cafe's awesome porridge and fruit, I've run a 5K, I've seen some inspiring people, and I'm feeling good.

The Race for the Cure was a lot of fun. I ran this with my friend Laura, who kicked my ass. There were thousands of people in this race - we ran the co-ed race, mainly because it started later in the morning than the women-only. Just as I expected, I loved the pre-race atmosphere, the buzz. But I didn't expect to find the experience so moving. Many runners ran with pink cards pinned to their shirt, celebrating breast cancer survivors, or honoring those lost to the disease.

Two small girls, the older no more than nine or ten, ran ahead of me with cards that read "Mom".

A woman ran with a card that listed her mother, an aunt, and two sisters.

Women in pink survivor hats cheerfully handed out t-shirts and water, grinning at panting runners, a testament to the resilience that is our species' most admirable characteristic.

Final race time: under 30 minutes, just about (29:49:46 by my watch).

That's good enough for me. Today, I feel fortunate just to be running.


Unknown said...

does the race still start and finish at safeco field? my wife ran that a couple years ago and having the stadium for the post race activities was the best!

Riona said...

It does, but some time ago -in the middle of the night, when I wasn't looking - it changed its name to Qwest Field.

Running along the viaduct was fun!

Are you a Seattle native? I see you're in CA now ...

Unknown said...

we moved to wa a week after we got married and spent four years in issaquah. best years of my life, those.

headed back up for the seafair marathon next month too!