Monday, June 20, 2005

Hutterite woman runs half-marathon in ankle-length skirt

The Hutterites dress modestly, and live much like the Amish, in Manitoba.
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Anonymous said...

In Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, I have seen a couple of Muslim women jogging in burkas, and Orthodox Jewish women walking briskly, clearly for exercise, although not jogging, in long-sleeved blouses, ankle-length skirts, and wigs. I've seen one Orthodox woman wearing a snood while jogging.

I find it simply amazing. I had to get over feeling self-conscious about running in front of other people, since I'm pretty slow, and when I started I was overweight. I can't imagine what it's like to decide to go out running in such conspicuously different dress. I think it's really remarkable.

Riona said...

I agree. A while ago I posted about a marathon in Pakistan - which ended practically in a riot because men and women were running together. But many of the women were running in hijab. They were wonderful.

Unknown said...

part of the religious aspect is that they are called to live a life that is particular in contrast to the world. they should stand out, be considered strange by the world's standards.

i think it's wonderful, if done for the right reasons.