Thursday, July 28, 2005

Don't want to get all The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow on your ass, but you know, things aren't so bad

I'm feeling so much better today. First, I have a stylish orthopaedic boot, which I anticipate being a pleasure to bring through airport security tomorrow - especially flying to D.C. - and secondly, I'm really encouraged and boosted by thoughtful e-mails and comments that have made a huge difference to my mood. They really did help. Thank you so much (and thank you to P for putting up w/ the histrionics).

And anyway, I did a bit of research. Sometimes you're only off for around three weeks - even five will probably put me in the ballpark for a long slow Vegas run (not that I was expecting a fast one). And if that doesn't happen - why, I've just registered for the Connemara Marathon! Twenty-six and a bit miles through the some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and another opportunity to go home (and in March! When the west of Ireland is at its most magical!). Not a bad alternative, and an extra four months to train, so I might even do a better time.

Plus, off to D.C. tomorrow. When I get back, I'll be hosting the Rundown. You know the drill - got some interesting posts or news or race reports? Bring it!


Lara said...

My own experience was that I had to build back up mile by mile and, initially, do a run/walk plan for the first several weeks after being cleared to run. But everyone is different. Just be careful about rushing back into training too forcefully once you get the go-ahead.

I am absolutely filled with envy about the Connemara Marathon! I visited the west coast of Ireland for the first time last year and it was just amazing!! I really really loved it!

Unknown said...

you rock, riona.

connemara sounds groovy, although i've really had my eye on snowdonia.

Sarah said...

Glad you are looking ahead for another goal to tackle :-) Sounds like a beautiful place, too!

Have fun in DC :-)

Tricia said...

Wow; I'm really impressed by your attitude. I guess if you believe in that "when a door shuts a window opens" theory, the Connemara marathon is that window, and sounds like a pretty picture one at that.