Wednesday, July 27, 2005

god DAMN it, my foot hurts

So this morning I pretty much had to limp home from the Fremont Bridge: my left foot hurts like hell when I put weight on it. What can be the cause? Hard to say. Mileage has gone up, but by a reasonable amount; new shoes seemed to be fine after their first long run. The pain is at the ball of the foot, right under the toes - it hurts when I flex. This better not be anything scary. So I'm gonna bite the bullet and rest tomorrow, and longer if necessary. One friend has already had to cancel his marathon plans because of injury. It sounds heartbreaking. Better to take a couple days off now.

But in other news - on Friday I'm of f to DC to see my oldest and dearest friend before her baby arrives and our landscape is changed (and improved!) forever. I'm so excited that if I didn't have a painful foot I'd be dancing down the corridors.


Unknown said...

eep! hang in there, riona!


mobility, ice, compression and elevation


rest, ice, compression and elevation

Sarah said...

Ugh, Riona...I'm feeling for you.
Any injury stinks :-( Take it easy!

Scott in Washington said...

Yes, do hang in there. If you have to miss a training day, why not think of it as a vacation from running and enjoy it. I hope this turns out to be a blip on the training map for you.


Tricia said...

I hope it's not serious! Smart of you to rest now.

Riona said...

Thank you all so much for the tips - I really appreciate it!