Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So it goes. I guess.

Thank you for the good wishes on the foot. I appreciate it a lot.

It looks like I have a stress fracture in my foot. The pain increased a lot today, and my foot was swelling over my shoe like bread in a loaf pan, so I decided to see a doctor, which involved much fussing over the internet on account of the fact that I've never gotten around to getting a primary care physician and needed to find someone in a hurry.

I have to see a podiatrist to confirm - apparently these things don't always show up on x-rays - but for now, I have to stay off the foot as much as possible. It can take 6-10 weeks of healing before you can run again. So Vegas might well be out for me this year.

I had no idea just how much I love running, and love the progress I've been making; I had no idea how important running this marathon is to me, or how much I love connecting with fellow runners on the Web, until I sat this afternoon watching fat salty tears fall beside my foot on the x-ray mat.

"Your foot must hurt a lot," the technician said sympathetically.

I'm lucky that I rarely stay down for long, and I'm sure that in a day or so I'll be feeling positive again - plus there's a chance that the podiatrist might have a different view - but I have to admit it: I'm feeling pretty low right now.

Smoove out.


Stephanie said...

Oh crap. I can totally relate, as you know, with my own saga. But crap. I guess what I would tell you is maybe pick a race even later than Vegas to shoot for? And, just imagine, when you do finish your next marathon (which you will), think about how great it will feel.

Of course, this advice is very trite and much easily written than faced personally. So really, I just want to say so sorry!

Sarah said...

Oh, heart goes out to you. I think Stephanie is right: is there another marathon you could shoot for in the spring? That might give you something to focus on during your recovery period. And we still want to read about you...even if your running is limited. We're here for you :-)

Stephanie said...

Maybe we can take a vote to pick your next marathon. That would be a fun interactive thing to do.

Simba's Mom said...

So sorry to hear that! I have faith that you will be able to overcome this latest obstacle. Powerful dreams have a way of coming to fruition.

Scott in Washington said...

Crap. Stephanie already said it, but there it is; Crap. I'm so sorry to hear about the stress fracture. 8-10 weeks? That would put Vegas two months away... no good.

I don't know much about stress fractures, or foot fractures in general. What are your training options besides running? Can you swim?

Maybe you can go to one of those places where they lease hospital beds, etc. and see about leasing on of those racing wheelchairs. Is that a dumb idea? Probably, but its the best I can come up with right now.

Lara said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I had a stress fracture last year and it was incredibly disheartening, but ultimately it taught me alot about how to better approach my training.

Ibuprofen helped alot with the pain and inflammation. One thing I wish I had done during the "no-running" period was to do non-impact crosstraining. It will save your fitness and may save your sanity.

Good luck.

Linda said...

I had a stress facture a few yeaars ago as was told to wear good shoes and stay off it for awhile. It really didn't take all that long. Good luck to you!

Tricia said...

Oh, that really sucks! I guess it's good that you got it checked out so that you didn't just exacerbate the injury. I really feel for you.

If you are looking for later marathons, there is one in Vancouver BC in early May. I've done the "first half" half marathon in February a bunch of times, and it's a wonderful place to run.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

I feel for you. Really. I would like to tell you to not let it get you down, but I cannot. For a runner not to be able to run is like a bird not able to fly.

But there is good news. You will recover, you will run again, and you will run a marathon. Perhaps not Vegas, but there are many others.

Unknown said...

dang. just fired you off an email wishing you luck on your long run this weekend. blah.

well, if you have to keep from running, i'd really recommend doing as much crosstraining as you can during your recovery. try some pool running, cycling, swimming, anything with no impact but that will benefit your core strenght. ooooh...i know...try kayaking the sound or lake sammamish!

best of luck for your recovery, riona. we're all cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, no, no! I am so sorry. Sending lots of heal-y thoughts up your way.

Vancouver in May? Sounds like an excellent idea!