Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Runner to tell female marathoners' stories on film

The subjects of his film are four women runners, three of whom are training to qualify for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. Delalis and his wife, Eve Drinis, 43, travel to various races around the country to film the four women as they train and compete.

"We want the general public to know that women can be just as accomplished out in the running world as men," Delalis said. "It's getting better, but there's still a bias against women in running. You tend to think of male runners."

In addition to showing the relevancy of women runners, Delalis wants to portray how these particular women incorporate running into their busy lives.

Full article here. I couldn't find any references to this on IMDB.com, but while I was there I decided to check out marathon movies. There are seven just called Marathon, of which this - "a view of the Olympic Games at Barcelona, using the marathon race as the weaving thread" - seemed the most interesting. The search did yield the intriguing The Porno Race, "also known as Marathon Love, VM i samlag (Sweden), and World Sex Festival (USA)."

Netflix is less useful: The Sports Documentaries section puts has no running category, and the Other Sports category offers movies about poker, ice skating, and Lingerie Bowl 2004: The Ultimate Catfight (2004).

Any recommendations for great, inspiring distance-running movies that don't feature drill-wielding Nazis?


The Thinking Runner said...

What about Prefontaine?

Unknown said...

yeah, prefontaine, without limits, chariots of fire and personal best all come to mind.

Riona said...

Thank you so much for the suggestions - straight onto the Netflix list they go.