Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I don't think Seattle is rainy at all. But then I grew up in the west of Ireland.

So since I started running back in April, I've had to run in the rain exactly three times. Three. Maybe four, max. And not because I was avoiding the rain, or because I cancelled or postponed runs when it was bucketing down. It was just never raining whenever I wanted to run.

How unlike my homeland, with its eight months of winter followed by four months of early spring.

But oh, this morning in Seattle at 6AM it was cold and wet and dark, and heading out took the willpower of an Omarosa hunting down a TV crew. But you know? It was only about three minutes before I heated up, and for the rest of my run it was like I was inside this glowing Riona-shaped heat capsule, pounding its way down Eastlake Avenue.

I love running in the rain.


Unknown said...

northwest rain is the best, too. usually not overly heavy, but enough to keep you wet. and it usually clears breifly to give you crisp, clear views.

jeanne said...

I love running in the rain too! Thanks for your nice comment--I didn't realize you JUST started running in APRIL?? This year?? me too! except, I kind of suck at it!! :)

The Lowe said...

Drizzle is my favourite kind of rain but watch you don't destroy your running shoes.
(Ready Brek! Central heating for kids! I used to love it.)