Friday, November 04, 2005

Off to Portland for a night with the lasses.

I've just packed a picnic for the train.
  • Three delicious baguette sandwiches from Le Fournil: one pate, one Camembert, and one ham and swiss.
  • Three delicious little tarts, also from Le Fournil.
  • Little bottles of wine.
  • Big bottle of Pellegrino.
(and, of course, plenty of Diet Coke.)

Trains are the best. It's going to be a fun overnighter: we're staying at the Jupiter Hotel, and the plan consists of foofy girlie drinks, dinner, and some tax-free shopping tomorrow.



Sarah said...

Sounds perfect :-) Have a great time! And when you get back...I'm gonna be bugging you about all things Seattle, okay?

Anonymous said...

I love the train. I used to take it more frequently than I do now..but I'm starting to think traveling with two little ones may be easier on the train! And now they have movies!! crazy.

ps...I want bigger biceps...

PuddyRat said...

Just came across your blog. As a fellow Northwesterner (displaced or otherwise), I also run in the rain.

I also noticed you did the Over the Dam 5k. Congrats! I did the half marathon there.

I also did the Las Vegas marathon in 2003. That was the "year of the wind." It was my first marathon and we had 30 mph steady with 50 mph gusts for the first 22 miles. When I was done, I was so thrilled I was ready to do it again. Good luck to you on the new course. It ought to be a load of fun running down the strip.