Monday, November 14, 2005

New York Marathon Notes, Fort Greene

A few years ago, I stumbled across Dervala's blog and was fascinated by her writing about her travels in SE Asia. Then I read something that made me think, cool, she's Irish. Then it became clear she was from Limerick, my home town. Then she mentioned her school, and that's when I sent her mail. Her father was a former teacher of mine, one of the very few I remember with any fondness. Later, we met up in a Limerick pub. Since then I've been following Dervala's stories as she moves from Mexico to Canada to Brooklyn and on to San Francisco. She's a wonderful writer, and I urge you to bookmark her now.

I love her observations of this year's NYC Marathon:

I have whippety friends who finish the New York Marathon in under three hours, but the born-to-run amateurs bore me as they piston past, looking comfortable and determined. It’s the mid-pack runners I go out to see every year, with their strange gaits and unsuitable bodies, and all the fear, doubt, and bewildered joy that comes from their audacious try.

Check her out; you won't be sorry.


John Mc said...


Followed Dervalas blog to yours. You've pricked my memory, seeing as all of us went to "De Comp". We must know each other. I finished in 86, (repeated at Endas 87 -uggh). There was an Aoife McNamara in my class, and if memory serves me right she had an older sister Riona. Same person ?

Riona said...

Yes - Aoife's my sister. I was DeBritto - I guess I left in 84? A long time ago anyway.

I had a brother there too - Eoghan / Gugai - but he graduated much later, maybe 93 (before repeating at St Flannan's School for Boys Whose Parents Don't Love Them.)

I love the Web.

John Mc said...

Thats wild! Now I do remember you - you went to UCG as well. Right ? This totally sparked a well buried memory. I used to busk in Galway while in college. Usually in a group. One night I was on my own, I was mangling some song, when you came up, said you remembered me from secondary school, contributed to my stash, and mentioned I should work on the high notes! (I have, many singing lessons later).

I knew your Dad, Micheal briefly. I worked for my uncle a civil engineer for McInerneys on the Mill Road one summer when I was 15. Your Dad used to visit the site and I remember chatting to him a lot.

What is Aoife up to ? We used to trade music tapes back in the day and get busted by Molly Holmes for chatting about Joni Mitchell. Tell her I said hello. Must be 20 years at this stage.

Riona said...

You know, on the Web you can run but you can't hide. :-)
Send me mail and I'll update you on Aoife - I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

John Mc said...

I can't find your e mail anywhere on the blog - maybe I'm missing something.

Riona said...

rionam at hotmail dot com