Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Question for ya

Last week I almost fell on my ass on a patch of ice. It's been pretty mild here so far, but I'm sure we'll be facing ice before long, and they're predicting snow.

Anybody used YakTraks or similar? Any recommendations / disrecommends?

Thank you!


Unknown said...

i hear lots of good things about the yaktraks. lots of our northern bloggers use them.

Stacy said...

here in colorado i've used a version of them and they were pretty good. the ones i have use small some-sort-of-kryptonite spikes that aren't damaged if you run on dry pavement. the only complaint i had was that they seemed to pull my foot into a funny torque position that gave me a sore achilles. but, it wasn't injury-causing. i'd say check 'em out.